Monday, February 16, 2015

FEMALE POSSESSION BY ALIEN PARASITE - @ngel of D@rkness 3: Live @ction

Manami, the sole survivor of Angel of Darkness 2, is rushed to hospital where she slips into a deep sleep. A priest correctly suspects that the demon (now referred to as an Injuu) is inside Manami's body, but by the time he is able to confirm his theory, the creature has already moved on.
As before, the tentacled beastie passes from host to host (by thrusting its slimy appendages into its victims' orifices), eventually ending up inside goody-goody schoolgirl Fumie, who does her best 'Linda Blair' impersonation for a while, before the priest inevitably turns up to save the day.  comprising of female masturbation hidden beneath heavy-duty white cotton panties, and gloopy tentacle sex)  the Exorcist-style ending Very hot and erotic..  (Based on the anime bearing the same name, this ANGEL OF DARKNESS is a series of five live action movies that begins with a retelling of the strange and erotic tale of the demon invasion at Shibuya University. Angel of Darkness Live Action Collection video The rest of the series travels to other college campuses where the sex demons have managed to extend their tentacles and ensnare the innocent young women who study there.

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